The International Meeting of National Geographic Explorers returns to Oasi Dynamo

17 September 2023

An international meeting to turn the spotlight on research projects and safeguard the beauty of our planet, in the heart of Oasi Dynamo and in the sign of National Geographic.

We are proud to host the National Geographic Explorers International Meeting for the second year running. From 17 to 22 September, Oasi Dynamo Nature Reserve will become the ‘home’ of 14 explorers from all over the world who will have the opportunity to exhibit their studies, exchange views, and learn new ways to increase the impact and scope of their scientific research.

A diverse mix of photographers, ecologists, archaeologists, educators, scientists, selected by the National Geographic Society because they are ‘actors of change’, capable of protecting and illuminating the wonders of the world. The international explorers will be joined by many other Italians who are working on a project to safeguard the ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea and the Italian coasts.

During the days of the meeting, there will be training activities held by National Geographic staff members from the Washington and London offices, there will be space to learn communication and storytelling techniques, and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, orienteering challenges and astronomical observations held by Oasi Dynamo staff.

In the spirit that distinguishes the National Geographic Society, the Explorers will then exhibit their work on the final day of 21 September during the Spotlight Event to present and, above all, share the results of their research, inspiring multidisciplinary exchanges and connections.

Hosting one of the world’s most prestigious scientific and educational institutions is a privilege for us and an important opportunity to continue to spread environmental education based on a culture of respect and preservation.

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Some photos of the first edition.