Trips and

Thanks to the experience of the environmental guides of Oasi Dynamo, numerous sports and /or nature excursions are organized, which allow participants to walk the paths of the reserve among beech forests and meadows to discover the Pistoia Apennines.

Our paths are approved by the Italian Nordic Walking School and the SIeB Italian E-bike School.

Excursions can only be organised on request for groups or individuals wishing to visit the oasis.

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Summer Camps
for children and families

Unforgettable adventures at over a thousand meters above sea level: in the heart of the reserve the WWF summer camps – aimed at children and youngsters – combine the beauty of nature and respect for the environment with fantastic group experiences.

With specific programs for children aged 7 to 11 and ages 11 to 14, Oasi Dynamo’s WWF Experience is designed to give participants a full immersion in nature experience, away from the lights and noise of the city. It includes hiking, orienteering, tree-climbing, zip-line, Tibetan bridges, canoes, and nature workshops – seven packed days of activities await adventurous youngsters, who will learn to trust themselves and the group into which they are assigned, relying on their own skills and potential.

Each participant will in fact be completely immersed in nature, learning to read maps, to follow the paths of the forest and to orient themselves both with the sun and with the stars, visiting the reserve and the farm that was created within, thus getting to know the animals and all their characteristics.  In addition, it will be days filled with adventure, spent tracking the footprints of animals and building emergency shelters with only the materials that nature can offer.

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Educational programs for schools

Trekking, outdoor activities, farm visits and new workshops.

You will be accompanied by qualified staff with proven experience in teaching and managing groups of children of all ages.

There are many activities designed specifically for children: classroom lessons are complemented by excursions into nature aimed at developing a greater knowledge of the surrounding environment and its biodiversity, contributing to the growth of a strong environmental awareness.