The Oasi,
a Dynamo

Located in the heart of Tuscany, in the municipality of San Marcello Piteglio, Oasi Dynamo is a WWF affiliated nature reserve. Over 1000 hectares overlooking the Pistoia Apennines, reaching an altitude of 1,100 meters. From here, you can also see the sea on the horizon!

In the past, this territory was home to a hunting reserve, but today it is a virtuous model of environmental sustainability and social responsibility on a national level. A unique case in Italy, Oasi Dynamo represents the perfect synergy between environmental conservation, dissemination of an environmentally friendly culture and traditional agricultural practices.

Rare plants, wolves, deer, and many other animals find in this wooded territory the ideal place to grow and thrive in complete freedom, safe and protected.

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Everything starts from
the Visitor Center.

Realized inside an old farmhouse, the Visitor Center welcomes you at the entrance of the reserve and introduces you to the extraordinary world of Oasi Dynamo. Once inside, you can immerse yourself in the flora and fauna, discover artisan products and retrace the history of the mountains by visiting the permanent exhibition, or just relax with a good book.

Freely accessible all year round, without the need for an entrance ticket or reservation.

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Within Oasi Dynamo, scientific research activity is carried out constantly, providing an opportunity for students and researchers to experience and explore issues concerning the flora and fauna of the Apennines.

Oasi Dynamo, thanks to its facilities and the expertise of its staff, is the ideal place for the development of thesis activities and training internships.

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Summer camps,
schools offers
and experiences.

Oasi Dynamo promotes conservation and scientific research activities: thanks to the development of a visitor center located at over 900 meters above sea level, students and researchers can experience and explore issues related to the flora and fauna of the Apennines.

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Through the commercialization of quality food products from the surrounding Oasi Dynamo territories, Oasi Dynamo FoodCo aims to preserve the biodiversity of the area and safeguard the territory.

Everyone who chooses this project becomes a bearer of Dynamo’s history and contributes to its current and future realisation.

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