Have you ever gone for a walk in a wood and found a bird’s feather or a footprint in the mud, and not knowing what species it is? Here is a pleasant excursion that will allow you to go in search of the animal tracks that leaves in our Oasis.

We will discover together a different way of walking on the paths in search of the traces left by the inhabitants of the forest: an exciting activity that each of us can always carry with us and can easily carry out during walks in nature and in particular cases, even in the cities where we live.

Approximate length of the route: 7 km.
Packed lunch.
Hiking boots and waterproof are recommended.

Meeting at 10:00 Loc. Croce di Piteglio and return scheduled at approximately 15:30.

Reservations required at the following address info@oasidynamo.org or at 331/2621947.