How to immortalize animals, even the most shy and timid ones, what are the methods and strategies to avoid being tracked down by their infallible nose, a shooting expert will explain us the tricks of the trade and the anecdotes of his photographic releases.

Meeting time at 15:30 in Limestre at Dynamo Camp where there will be the photographer who will follow you to wait for you.

Each participant will go up to the Oasis with their own car (about 7 km of well-maintained forest road) and you will be distributed in the sighting stations, previously selected by the photographer.

Expected return at 20:00.
Packed dinner.

Hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing are recommended.

Reservation at the following address info@oasidynamo.org or at 331/2621947.

Under the patronage of Comune di Pistoia and Comune di San Marcello Pistoiese.