Dynamo Adventure - Nature Wild Experience

Imagine immersing yourself in an experience in total harmony with Nature.
Three days in the nature reserve, affiliated to the WWF, of Oasi Dynamo; to rediscover one’s innate potential through a stay in complete autonomy in nature.


From 16 to 18 August

Among the proposed activities: Techniques of life in nature – Preparation of the base camp – Sensory and orientation activities – Construction of a natural refuge – Techniques and secrets for living independently – Meditation

We will set up a tented camp together and we will provide you with everything you need to better enjoy this adventure: from the backpack to the pocket knife, passing through tents and sleeping bags.

A gradual journey will help you reconnect with nature and the environment around you. After the construction of the base camp we will devote ourselves to some techniques of life in nature, thanks to which you will learn to live in self-sufficiency away from any limitations imposed by man.

You will live an immersive experience, accompanied by a true expert in the sector: Michael Bolognini. Aigs professional guide, Master in Survival Techniques with 15 years of experience in expeditions to remote places on the planet. In addition to him there will be a guide from Oasi Dynamo.

Detailed descriptions tents, meals, equipment:

All the necessary equipment will be made available to the participants: from the backpack to every useful tool, sleeping bag, sleeping bag sterilized with ozone, special tents suspended between trees or teepees, mats, crockery and cutlery eco and everything you need to live in the nature. Participants will only have to arrange their personal clothing in layers. Being 1,000 meters high, it is advisable to use synthetic clothing, with a warm fleece, a protective jacket and a complete replacement. We will cook trapper-style organic products.

Times in summary:

Meeting on 12 August at 2.30 pm at Proloco di Prunetta *
Once you enter the Dynamo Oasis you will arrive in the base camp area around 5:00 pm
During the three days the times will adapt to the response of the participants.
Last day lunch at the Casa Luigi restaurant, at the Dynamo Visitor Center.
At the end of the lunch, without dismantling the camp, the participants will be taken back to their cars, arrival expected at 15:30.

The group will be from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 16 adventurers

Place of departure and return:

* Proloco of Prunetta
Via Statale Mammianense 158
51028, Prunetta locality
San Marcello Piteglio

Total participation fee per person, all inclusive: € 295 + VAT

The initiative will be held upon reaching a minimum of 8 participants.

Detailed program

First day

Meeting point of departure *

Experience description

Trekking departure

Trekking area exploration

Sensory activity

Arrival base camp area

Base camp set-up

Life techniques in nature

Trapper dinner

Night activity

Second day



Muscle toning

Natural refuge construction

Sensory orientation

Bushcraft chair construction

Trapper lunch

Techniques and secrets to live independently


Trekking departure


Third day



Trekking departure

Sensory activity

Arrival meeting point

Lunch at Casa Luigi

Walk to the place you started from *



All the necessary equipment to live this experience
Meals for:

– first and second day dinner
– breakfast on the second and third day
– lunch second day
– The menu lunch on the third day will be at the Casa Luigi ranch
– Personal insurance


Personal clothing and a water bottle.

For information: call 3386564295 or write to eventi@oasidynamo.org or fill out the form.